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Lanky Larry is a platforming game with limited movement, instead of walking around, you use a grappling hook to move around.

M1 (Left Click) shoots out your grappling hook, once it hits a wall it pulls you towards that wall.
M2 (Right Click), causes your grappling hook to let go. 

M3 (Mousewheel) While your grappling hook is attached to a wall, you can scroll the mouse wheel up or down for some vertical movement.
Moving your mouse left/right, will allow you some horizontal control. (not shown)
Spacebar allows you to preform a tiny hop, which lets you position yourself slightly diffierntly, and perhaps avoid some friction from the ground.

The game should otherwise be very straight forward, you can change sound volumes in the settings, as well as resolution and fullscreen/window mode.

The game is made by me and some friends (Vegard Jensen & faxdoc) during a gamejam back in January 2018. The game is still not quite finished, however it's a bit too refined to be called a prototype, but development has been put on hold, so I wouldn't really call it in development either. 

Art is primarily by me, however both Vegard and faxdoc have done some art. 
Programing by faxdoc
Core Concept by Vegard
Design by me and Vegard
Music by MyNewSoundtrack

Twitter links: 
Lyиx/Lynzkar (me): https://twitter.com/lynzkar
Faxdoc: https://twitter.com/Faxdocc
Vegard: https://twitter.com/TheVegardJensen

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cute, Pirates, Pixel Art


Lanky_larry_.zip 32 MB

Install instructions

Simply download the zip file, and either launch the exe file from the zipfile itself (by using something like winrar), or export it to a folder then launch it from there instead.

Development log


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Yep.  It was.  Very fun and intuitive.  Great graphics, gameplay, sound, and aesthetics.  

Looks like Bionic Commando.  With a pirate theme.  Definitely playing.

Made a video


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part. The video with reactions also helps me see some parts of level design that might be confusing. 

The Different barrels do work, but currently don't look any differnt ingame, I intend to fix this, but currently it's pretty low on the list of priorities.

The level 4 stages are pretty difficult, took me a few tries to beat that first stage when Faxdoc first made it. The trick is to jump, then while you are mid air, shoot the hook to one of the sides, and move your mouse in that direction to get some extra power. 


yeah, having no visual change in the different barrels does make it hard to tell if they are implemented or not but doesn't mess with the gameplay if you only use the standard barrel. 

Well level 4 is the last set of levels so it seemed like it would be for only the most skilled Lanky players but we are not that skilled so it was kind of frustrating. Thought that jumping had to be a part of it but couldn't take too much time trying to figure it out so just tried to see what the 3000 points door was hiding before the video was done but yeah..........couldn't do that.

Overall the game worked well, over time the player becomes more skilled controlling the hook making it a more enjoyable experience  and it was just fun to play the game so still a great job on your more than a  prototype but less than a finished game gamejam entry.